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Mozilla German: Email to Robert Kaiser

Please read this document before sending any Mozilla-related email to me.
You may not get a harsh answer or no answer at all if not doing that!
I'm only a translator, no prgrammer, and I'm only working on all this in my free time, and I've not too much of it left already, so I can't answer all email I get. (I wouldn't have time left for actually doing work for e.g. my localization project)

Many mail are lying around in my inbox for days or weeks before I can give anwers, and most time those only refer other sources of information. Please follow to items below before writing me an email: Those pages shouldn't offend anyone. I want to keep the number of email I have to deal with low enough that they don't steal time that I want to invest into useful work, such as localization things.

If you're still sure that you want to contact me, you may write an email to Robert Kaiser actually.
Please note though, that I can't guarantee for fast answers, it may take days until you receive one.